Rolt, David - Young woman viewed from three different angles (aka Sisters)

Artist: Rolt, David
Materials: Oil on canvas
Dimensions (cm): 63.5 x 75.5
Dimensions (inches): 25 x 29.7
Signature: Signed
Frame: New gilt frame
Stock No: 0008
Price: £4500
Provenance: David Rolt estate

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Genre: Human figure, Portrait


One of David Rolt’s best early works, painted when he was 23 years old.

Are they three sisters - or is this an unusual triple portrait of the same woman?

In the absence of a title from the artist, we plump for Sisters.

But whether it’s three young women or just one, we still have no clue about her identity. The faces suggest strong character, so maybe someone will remember her.

On the back of the canvas is an unfinished portrait of a group of figures