Rolt, David - Boy in a red striped shirt

Artist: Rolt, David
Materials: Oil on canvas
Dimensions (cm): 40 x 30
Stock No: 0064
Price: £695
Provenance: David Rolt estate

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Genre: Portrait


Painting portraits of children must be difficult. How to capture the elusive wisps of character forming under that smooth, bland skin? 

Which I guess is why most portraits of children veer between two extremes: the featureless or - if unlucky - the grotesque. 

But this one captures something special. Is it the eyes? Or the poise?  Or that red stripey shirt? Whatever…. there is definitely something going on beneath the surface in this young fellow.

We have no idea who this boy is/was. We guess he was painted circa 1975. If you think you might know, please tell us!