Works by other artists - Workshop collage by George Hooper

Artist: Works by other artists
Materials: Collage
Dimensions (cm): 56 x 76 cm
Dimensions (inches): 22 x 29.9 inches
Signature: Signed twice "George Hooper '74" lower left and upper right
Frame: New light wood frame by Harry Eagle
Stock No: 1199
Price: £795

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Genre: Still life, Semi-abstract


A stylish collage inspired by the shapes of the tools in a carpenter’s workshop.

Very unusually the work has been signed and dated twice, lower left and upper right. According to a note on the back of the mount this is because the collector who originally owned it decided that she wanted to hang it the other way up from what the artist had intended. So she persuaded him to add a second signature and date. Shown here is the artist’s original conception, followed by the inverted version. The choice is yours!