Bratby, John - Still life of flowers (double painting)

Artist: Bratby, John
Materials: Oil on canvas
Signature: Signed on other side of the canvas
Frame: Unique frame created by Harry Eagle
Stock No: 1287A
Price: £

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Genre: Still life


A work by the ever-controversial “kitchen sink” artist John Bratby presented us with a challenge. There were paintings on both sides of the canvas.

On one side of the canvas is this delightful still life of blue flowers. On the other is a classic everyday grunge subject of the kind the artist made his name from: a domestic coal fire burning away in a cast iron grate.

When the picture(s) came to us the still life was half hidden behind stretchers and the rear structure of the frame. So how could we show both images off to best advantage? Framer Harry Eagle has come up with an ingenious solution.

Click left and right on the arrows to see both sides of this unusual and interesting work as they are now.