Bratby, John - The Tsar's Cannon

Artist: Bratby, John
Materials: Oil on canvas
Dimensions (cm): 122 x 91
Dimensions (inches): 48 x 36
Signature: Signed BRATBY top left
Frame: New custom designed frame by Harry Eagle
Stock No: 1309
Price: £5750
Provenance: Christie's 20th century British Art sale June 2001

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Genre: Landscape, Architecture and buildings


Bratby at his humorous best; a cheerful work, one of a small series featuring the sights of Moscow. We can find no record of Bratby ever going to Russia, so this is presumably a work of imagination. It once adorned the walls of the house he shared with his second wife Patti in Hastings.

The piece of ordnance in the foreground is the Tsar’s Cannon, an impressive-looking but actually rather useless piece of kit intended more for decoration than warfare.

The painting has been reframed in striking style by Harry Eagle.