Hay, Agnes - Agnes Hay Jewellery

Artist: Hay, Agnes
Stock No: ah001

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Genre: Sculpture


Agnes Hay is celebrated for her experimental art and films in her native Hungary. Her wire drawings are digital photograms, created by projecting light through small figures made of bent wire onto photosensitive paper. Agnes is fairly mysterious in her ways, but she has mentioned Giacometti, Calder and the greek chorus as recent influences, although she has been working in wire for many years before those most recent visits to exhibitions. Alex Eagle collaborated with Agnes to create the most stunning capsule jewellery collection featuring this beautiful necklace. Made from copper wire plated in 24 carat gold, this necklace features a profile outline on a black velvet ribbon. Each necklace is as much an artwork as it is a piece of jewellery and therefore may differ subtly in appearance and size to the one featured as they are all handmade by the artist. Please contact at info@alexeagle.co.uk if you like photos of the available necklaces to choose from.