Duranty, Charles - Clouds that snaked about his head like tattered plumes *

Artist: Duranty, Charles
Materials: Ink
Dimensions (cm): 42 x 59
Dimensions (inches): 16.5 x 23.2
Signature: Signed bottom left
Frame: Mounted
Stock No: DH010
Price: £395
Provenance: Thackeray gallery circa 1970; collection of the late Richard Cory-Smith

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Genre: Landscape


Born in Romford in 1919, Charles Duranty first discovered the East Anglian landscape during his time as a young man working on farms during the war. Despite loving the Essex countryside, Duranty only began painting these landscapes in his forties, often setting up an easel in the publishing office where he worked and creating “imagined landscapes” from memory.

* The artist’s original title for this work is unknown so we have used a line from one of his poems instead.  it comes from The Rebel.