Duranty, Charles - Perpetual summer has sighed out its season *

Artist: Duranty, Charles
Materials: Watercolour
Dimensions (cm): 42 x 59
Dimensions (inches): 16.5 x 23.2
Stock No: DH011
Price: £425
Provenance: Thackeray Gallery and collection of Richard Cory Smith (see artist bio)

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Genre: Landscape


Born in Romford in 1919, Charles Duranty first discovered the East Anglian landscape during his time working on local farmland during the war. Despite being very moved by his surroundings, Duranty only began painting these sights in his forties. Described by himself as ’memories’, these imagined landscapes are romantic recollections from his youth.

Duranty had not got round to framing and titling this painting before it was snapped up from the Thackeray gallery, along with twenty others, by maverick collector Richard Cory Smith circa 1970. We have therefore given it a title taken from a line in one of Duranty’s own poems that seems to fit the late summer atmosphere of the work.