Works by other artists - Sowing Campaign in Kirghizia by VL Mokrozhitsky

Artist: Works by other artists
Materials: Oil on canvas
Dimensions (cm): 19.7 x 33.5
Dimensions (inches): 7.8 x 13.2
Frame: Framed as shown
Stock No: EAG003
Price: £495
Provenance: Russian Sale, Lots Road Galleries, Chelsea, June 1994

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Genre: Landscape


A classic Socialist realist subject by Mokhrozhitsky, though on a smaller, more intimate scale than the vast heroic works with which he first made his name.  This lively little picture might even persuade us that a peasant’s life in a far-flung Soviet republic could occasionally be quite fun!

This painting was brought to the UK in the early 1990s  when Russian/Soviet art was the subject of several exhibitions in London.



Villi Leopol’dovich Mokrozhitsky, born Khakov, Ukraine in 1928, was a stalwart of the Socialist Realist school, whose work celebrated the Soviet revolutionary spirit.

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