Shah, Bina - Flaggy shore II

Artist: Shah, Bina
Materials: Oak gall ink, chalk, graphite, bitumen, collage on paper
Dimensions (cm): 60x 84
Frame: Currently unframed
Stock No: SB02
Price: £895
Provenance: From the artist

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Genre: Landscape, Abstract


Bina writes:

This painting is part of a series inspired by my visit to The Burren, Co. Clare, Ireland and by Seamus Heaney’s poem ‘Flaggy Shore’, reflecting on the coastal landscape shaped by nature and human occupation. I’ve made couple of small studies 30 x 21cm and a few large ones 60 x 84cm with an assemblage of mixed media and collage using washi paper stained with botanical inks, chalk, graphite, lino and mono prints on painted paper to depict the colours of the region. Flaggy Shore is a shallow and rocky stretch of coast of great geological importance with rugged limestone surfaces and millions of years old fossils found here. The ancient ice sheets shaped the landscape in which direction the glaciers moved. Most of the cobbles and boulders along the shore are grey limestone rocks, but some are glacial erratics of other rock types, such as granite or sandstone. The loose limestone rocks and coastal bedrock also contain various types of fossils of creatures that lived in the sea over 330 million years ago – during the Carboniferous period. The branching colonial corals are some of the best examples of fossils visible in these rocks.