Shah, Bina - Pathways VI

Artist: Shah, Bina
Materials: Collage, woodcut print and graphite
Dimensions (cm): 27 x 35
Frame: Currently unframed
Stock No: SB12
Price: £375
Provenance: From the artist

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Genre: Landscape, Abstract


Bina writes: 

The Pathways series is based on reflection of the current war in Europe and mostly on the migration of people worldwide trying to find pathways as means of escape from their current situation. Certain bold shapes and lines began to emerge subconsciously as I began working on them. I used stitching in some areas to contrast and ‘to draw’ the slightly broken fragile line formed by the repetitive, uniform machine stitches in order to represent the projectile of bullets from machine guns that impacts on lives and the loss or displacement of women and their craft as they escape from war zones.